This is how everithing Works on SCI

Here you can see a short resume of how on SCI everithing hapens and wath we can do for you and your projects.

Estimated Timeline

Day one

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Step 1

Contact us by mail or phone, send us by mail a sketch or an image with exterior dimensions of the pieces you want a study to be done with proximate color finish and the type of materials ( Ex: Wood, metal, glass, etc ) In aproxima-te 24h you will receive a detailed proposition explaining the composition, the construction, an estimate price for the items and estimated delay for production and transportation.
The proposition will include 3 different factories ( all factories selected will have capacity for production and machinery according the needs of the project).

Day 2

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Step 2

After your confirmation, all drawing will fallow for Production in the selected factory and one of our furniture technicians will follow up the production verifying all items are according the specification sheet during production, finishing, packaging.
Every week you will receive images of the items in production and a timeline with information about on time or delayed and the new day for delivery if needed.
At all time you will have access to a phone number and a watts app connection with the technician dedicated to your project .

Day 30

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Step 3

As soon as furniture is on packaging area, we will organize all documentation for exportation and contact the transportation company for loading ( this information will always be done according conversations with the costumer)
Items can be loaded consolidated in our warehouses or directly on factories.
All documentation concerning exportation will be provided by SCI and filled on each Factory with one of our exportation technicians to avoid errors or overcharges that can delay the entrance of the goods in some countries with specific documentation needed.

Beneficts with SCI

The first and watt we think is the biggest benefit in working with SCI is that you will have more time to sell with out having problems finding producers.

According to our 25 years in the area, we believe this is the fastest and the best way of working for small or big companies, avoiding the risk and the problems that may occur when buying from another country.

* With SCI, you Beneffict from having 12 employees directly in the Production country, talking the same language as the producer and solving any problems before they apear ( Design department/Production department/transport department )
* In SCI you can also develop special hardware for your products because we have hardware factories supplyer that can do any item or develop new ones.
* You will have our Design department presenting your company new products they design exclusively for your brand before all other companies.
* With SCI you can be as big as your dreams, concentrating in selling, with the tranquility that anything is possible to produce in the furniture market.
* The benefit costumers like more is being able to buy furniture paying the correct amount for each item and not more.
*You can gyve a target price and let our departments develop a new product to meet your requirements.

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Requirements for becoming our Costumer...

Yes, it sounds strange having a company that says that not all can be our costumers but we only work according our requirements, this way we can have all evolved happy, from factories to costumers and of course all people that works on SCI, to make probably the more efficient consulting Furniture company In Portugal.
We sell nothing, we intermediate companies that need products to find the best producers at the best prices, controlling all steps from order to production and delivery so that buyer can securely buy and a producer can securely produce.
* If you think you have a serious company and can respect all, and do your Part in this moving chain, than YOU CAN BE OUR PARTNER (COSTUMER).

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